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If You Are A New Investor We Will Walk You Through The Entire Process!!! 
  • Title order will be ordered through Michigan Investment Title Inc.
  • We will help resolve any title issues
  • We will coordinate with the other party
  • We will coordinate with the lender (if there is one)
  • We will prepare your closing docs and review them with you
  • We will make sure your closing is scheduled at a time and place convenient for you
  • We can help with Double Closings if the first is fully funding
  • We can get you documents to sign and a mobile closer anywhere in the country (additional fee)
  • We can help you set up a Power of Attorney if you are unable to attend the closing (additional fee)
  • If you have clients that are out of the country – We will arrange time to go over documents or make changes at a time that accommodates them and their time zone.
  • We will help you to prepare any necessary docs needed to clear title (additional fee; some may have to be done by an attorney)
  • We will mail out Property Transfer Affidavits if you are unable to physically turn them into the assessor
  • If you are dealing with a distressed property, We have excellent contacts if you need help with negotiating or rehabbing.
Through My Relationship With Sharp Legal Services We are Excited To Offer You The Following Services:
  • LLC Creation:  I will work with you to create an LLC and file with the State of Michigan.  I can help you find a registered agent in the State of Michigan and still keep the owner being the person who requested the LLC Creation.

        Steps taken will be

        1.       Check the availability of the LLC Name

        2.       Create an account with the State of Michigan

        3.       Preparation of LLC Documents

        4.       Send Paperwork to the State of Michigan using my Filer ID

        5.       Creation of LLC

        6.       Creation of Operating Agreement


  • Operating Agreement:  Create a detailed operating agreement for each LLC. This document is critical for the future of the LLC in terms of signing authorities and decision makers
  • Bank Account:  If you are in need of a Bank Account I can set you up with an attorney that can open up bank accounts for my International Clients. 
  • Interfacing with Property Management:  This is a critical process where the Property Management Company collects the rent and then needs all the details of the LLC, its owners and account information. 
  • Limited Power of Attorney for all Michigan Properties:   If you are a out of town investor or have clients from different parts of the country/world, we have a solution in place to handle these transactions.
  • Recording:  If you are buying and flipping or just selling, you want these transactions recorded NOW. We can use runners to record these transactions as quickly as they need to be.  This will help you sell the property quickly  and with fewer documents.
     Standard Services (some at an additional fee)
  • Commitments with quick turnaround times
  • Title Insurance
  • Extended Service Policy
  • Title Searches
  • Full Escrow Services
  • Professional Closing Staff
  • Flexible Schedule (including before and after business hours & weekends)
  • Property Tax Searches
  • Notary Services
  • Wire Services
  • Courier Services
  • Document Recording
  • Mobile Closers
  • Licensed Examiner
  • Document Processing

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